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  • How much space is needed for the photo booth?
    We need at least 10 x 10 feet of space in the venue to set up the photo booth.
  • How much space is needed for the 360 video booth?
    We need at least 12 x15 feet of space in the venue to set up the 360 video booth. Additional space is needed for LED lights and stanchions.
  • How many photos can guests take?
    All rentals include unlimited photo session for guests. Depending on your layout, the booth can take 1-4 photos per print.
  • How many people can fit in a 360 video booth?
    Our 360 booths will be fine with groups 3- 4 max per session.
  • Do you supply props?
    Your rental includes using our huge collection of fun and silly props to make your pictures look incredible and to enhance the F U N Experience for your guests. We based the props regarding to the theme of your event. Just let us know what you’d like. We have hats, signs, frames, emoticons on sticks, and more.
  • How long does it take to receive that super awesome Photo Booth Highlights and our online album?
    We will notify you once the work is done. Your Online Gallery usually takes 24 hour to be up on site while the PhotoBooth Highlights most likely have it up within a few weeks for you to share with your friends and family.
  • How many people can fit in a photo booth at one time?
    Depending on the space allocation, Our booths will be fine with groups of 5-10 people at a time, most will fit large groups of people.
  • Is it possible to offer multiple backgrounds with a Green Screen Photo Booth?
    Yes it is! We offer up to 5 or more stunning custom backdrops that fits on your theme.
  • Do we need to setup and tear down the booth?
    Our staff handles setup, operation and tear-down of the booth. We will consult you on best placement and location, but we will take care of the rest! Based on time, We usually arrive at the venue 1 hour (Photo Booth), 2 hours (360 Video Booth) prior to the start time to ensure everything looks great, is tested, and operates perfectly. If you have a limited timeframe please let us know and we will make it work. At the end of the event we only need about 30–45 minutes(Photo Booth), 1 hour (360 Video Booth) to pack everything down.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Once your date is reserved, your deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation, but you are not liable for any other cost or fee. The remaining balance is due prior to our arrival on the event, at which point no money is refundable.
  • Our venue is quite dark, are you still able to operate?"
    Yes, our booth can be tailored to meet the needs of your event. Just give us a heads up and we will add additional lighting to our equipment with no additional cost.
  • How is the quality of your photos?
    Wonder Booth printouts are superior in quality. We are using a high quality dye sub printers. PLUS FACTOR: Your photo is water - resistant.
  • Can children use the booth?
    Of course! Photo booth are great for kids and they truly enjoy it. However; all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Shorter children must be held by an adult. WonderBooth will strictly enforce our policy to ensure there is an adult supervising them by the booth area. For children’s parties, we can set up booth at a shorter height and can also provide a step stool upon request.
  • What type of events do you cover?
    Below are a few examples of the events we cover. If you don’t see it listed below, please send us an inquiry at or give us a call at 778-233-7491 Weddings Bridal Shower Corporate Events (Branding) School Events Graduation Prom Charity Events Church Events Private Events Birthday parties Baby shower Themed parties Family reunion Other Special Events
  • Will there be someone to help with the Photo Booth?
    Yes there will be an assistant working with you on the booth with a fully trained, professional and friendly attendant who will encourage your guests to jump in the booth and have a great time.
  • How early should I book my event with WonderBooth?
    As early as you possibly to ensure you secure your event date. However; please note that until you sign a service contract and have paid your $200 deposit, your event date cannot be reserved on our calendar. We also like to have enough time to give each client the customized experience they deserve.
  • How can I reserve WonderBooth for my event?
    Click here and fill up our Contact Form or you can call us at 778-233-7491 and we’ll help you find the best arrangement to suit your needs.
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